Getting Packed

It's quite a special feeling knowing that in a whole set of different countries there are people I don't know yet making the same kinds of preparations.  Working out what the weather will be in a city in another land and what I need to bring.  Here in Sweden it's been winter so long that I can't quite imagine not packing for minus temperatures.  Instead I think its more about not wanting to bring anything that will need washing when I know there's a water crisis in Cape Town 

Packing means trying to remember to organise travel insurance and checking passport details.  Finding a temporary home for the cat and getting evetything shipshape in my house and on the course I've been teaching. Getting ready to miss loved ones and going through all the rituals of goodbye and be safe and love is still love with miles in between.

It's also quite special when the anticipation has been building up for nearly a year.  It was never going to be certain that we'd get this funding, this chance to meet and learn.  To work with kindred spirits fighting for social justice and scholarship that isn't stuck in a book. But here we are and it's fantastic

So to all of you I'm going to meet this week - Welcome.  I'm looking forward to it.  Just got to sort my insurance and get on that plane and I'll be there.  Jump in and start writing your own story in the blog as we go along

To all you others reading this - next time maybe, and feel free to travel along with us in cyberspace.

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  1. Hmmmm. A first time visitor to a place comes with anxiety but hey l can't wait to have this beautiful experience. See you on Friday. Safe journey

  2. Hello everyone. The clock is ticking. Just checked in at Kotoka International airport, Accra. SA FLIGHT 210. Departure time 9am local time. Expecting a pleasant trip. See you soon.


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