Story Circles

Yesterday afternoon we started our first story circle.  This, for me at least, is the heart of digital storytelling and other storytelling approaches.   The public performance of a story can give a focus and a discipline, but its not necessary.  Whtat gives power and voice and a sense of being heard and valued is shaping the  way you're going to tell your story in the company of a group of others.  Of having the space to tell parts of it and bits and pieces of other stories and things that make sense and things that don't.  Space to speak and space to listen and think and reflect.

The result is something that came through very stongly in the reflections this morning:  Variations of "I had no idea I would tell people I'd only just met the things that I did".  Stories compel and what I like about good processes is that they compel us too.  It would be harder to go through that alone, and so I appreciate the circle and the stories that come there.